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Terms & Conditions

Please Read Carefully

The following terms and conditions (Booking Conditions) form the basis of your contract with Ausway Tours Pty Ltd.

Please ensure that you carefully read and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking. When booking with us, you are deemed to have accepted our Terms & Conditions on behalf of everyone named in your booking.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD), unless otherwise specified.


Our tours

All Ausway Tours holiday packages are designed in term of style and content for persons aged 45 years and over.

Exclusive Solo Tours are designed for travelers travelling on their own, the tours are designed for the age group of 45 years and over.

Group Tours are designed for couples, friends or solo travelers over 45 years of age

Ausway exclusive private Tours are for groups, business associates, craft groups, over 50,s clubs, artists, photographer etc. you will need to contact us to discuss your preferred travel itinerary and extra terms and conditions will apply.


Deposit and Final Payment

A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $250 per person per tour is required (unless otherwise notified in writing from us). The deposit must be received within 7 days of booking.

Payment of the deposit confirms you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Payment of the balance in full must be received by us not less than 56 Days before departure. If final payment is not received by us by the due date, your reservation will be cancelled and your full deposit and any moneys paid to date will be retained by us.

We accept payment via electronic fund transfer (EFT), or cheque,

Travel Documents

Travel Documents are sent by post approximately 28 Days prior to departure provided full payment has been received.


Cancellations and Cancellation Fees

If cancellation is received in writing by us before the final payment due date of your holiday, the non- refundable deposit will be retained in addition to any applicable airline imposed fees or cancellation charges.

If cancellation is received in writing by us after the final payment due date of your holiday, per person cancellation fees apply as below;

  1. 89 – 57 days before departure: loss of deposit
  2. 56 -31 days prior to departure: 50% of total price
  3. 30 – 0 days prior to departure 100% of total price

Cancellation fees may also apply to any additional services reserved prior to, during, and after the holiday. These are your responsibility.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any holiday departure in accordance with operational requirements or circumstances beyond our control. If a holiday is cancelled prior to the scheduled departure date, our only responsibility will be to refund the amount received for the reservation. Wherever possible, we will offer a similar holiday with a different departure date. If there is a

difference in cost, it will be your expense.



Please note that any request for refunds is subject to these Terms & Conditions.


Pricing Policy

All holiday prices are based on rates known at the time of publication, are expected to be in effect at the time of departure and do not include airfare or travel to the commencement of the tour (except where specified).

The price is only guaranteed when final payment has been received by us.

Special deals and special offers other than those advertised in brochures and website may be offered by us from time to time. The new specials deals/offers do not apply to existing bookings unless other wise stated.



Travel Insurance is not included in the cost of your tour. We require our travellers to obtain comprehensive travel insurance with a reputable provider, which should be taken out at the time of booking. This is your responsibility.


Air Travel Arrangements

We are not responsible for any schedule changes imposed by airlines. Whilst we will do our best to reschedule your touring and accommodation, we are not responsible for any additional costs nor services missed as a result of an airline-imposed schedule change.



For the benefit of everyone on your holiday, we reserve the right to accept or reject any traveler and to remove any person whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of the group. Anyone who is excluded will be removed from the tour at a safe public location and their transportation from this location will be their own responsibility. We will not refund or cover any cost or expenses incurred for termination of holiday arrangements due to unacceptable behavior.


Examples of this behaviour/instances include (but are not limited to):

  • Where a person becomes incapable of caring for themselves;
Where a person is unable to cope with the requirements of the tour or needs facilities or services that cannot reasonably be provided without comprising the remainder of the travelers
  • Failing to follow the directions of the tour group leader
  • Engaging in illegal or undesirable behavior
  • Behaving in a way that is hazardous or objectionable to other travelers or any other person.


Travelers Who Need Special Assistance on Tours and/or Cruises

You must inform us at the time of booking of any medical condition that you have which may affect your ability to participate in the tour.

All passengers aged 70 years and over must provide a “fitness to travel” letter from their doctor at the time of booking.

We may decide at our absolute discretion not to include you in a tour or activity if we consider that you are unable to safely participate in that tour or activity as a result of a medical condition or otherwise, or if we consider that your participation ma place the safety of other clients at risk.

Our minimum Fitness Levels Requirements indicate the level of fitness required for each tour:

Low level

Travelers must be able to:

  • Walk 10 min without stopping
  • Be able to stand up for 30 min
  • Climb stairs or inclines with minimal or no assistance
  • Handle own luggage
  • Walk over uneven ground


Mid level

 Travelers must be able to:

  • Do all the items in low level, and
  • Walk up/down stairs comfortably
  • Casual walk for 1 hour
  • Stand for 1 hour or longer without sitting
  • Walk over uneven ground for extended periods of time
  • Adjust well to faster paced itinerary’s


High level

Travelers must be able to:

  • Do all the items in low and mid level, and
  • Have a high level of fitness
  • Able to walk long distance (up to 3km)
  • Ability to carry backpacks and other objects
  • Ascending/descending elevated and uneven surfaces without stopping
  • Stand for long periods of time


Itinerary Variations

The tour itinerary is a guide only. We reserve the right to make any alterations or cancellations as necessary, due to natural phenomenon including weather conditions and fire, strikes, public holidays, local festivals, accommodation unavailability or another reason. We can give no guarantee of the exact arrival and departure times for third party providers used by us, and will not be liable for their performance.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are not liable to refund any part of the deposit and/or purchase price paid by you if we subsequently change or cancel your travel arrangements in connection with a ‘Force Majeure’ event. These are things like world weather patterns, civil unrest and terrorism, which are becoming more erratic and unpredictable and you agree that these are risks beyond our control. You will need to make a claim against your travel insurance for any loss as a result.



The accommodation provided will be studio or 1-bedroom apartments unless otherwise stated.

Other offerings may be made from time to time, where available, for example: a share basis of 2 bedroom with 2 bathroom apartments.

Bookings may be accepted where requested on a shared 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment basis on the condition that the person/s requesting the share reservation agree that although every effort will be made to comply with requests regarding age, non- smoking etc… this is not always possible and we accept no responsibility for any incompatibility between persons sharing apartments. No guarantee is given that a share apartment will be found. If a share apartment is not available at the time of final payment, either the single room alternative or the cancellation conditions will apply at your option.


Baggage Allowance

You are permitted to bring one suitcase per person travelling. Your single bag should not exceed the dimensions of 76x53x28cm (30”x21”x11”) and weight of 22kg (50lbs). We are unable to accept a second suitcase or any luggage exceeding these limits. Your final guest itinerary and transport tickets will display these limits.


Minimum Numbers on tour

The operation of each tour is subject to a minimum number of 8 guests. In the event adequate numbers cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to cancel a scheduled departure and offer a nearer possible alternative date. Refunds are only available at our discretion.


Photography and use of images

You agree that our tour guides or Third Party Suppliers may take photographs and films of you while you are on holiday and you agree and authorise us to use these images in our brochures, advertising or publicity material or online without obtaining any further consent or payment in respect of such photographs and/or films.

Any images used by us are owned by us and we have a copyright to the use of any such images. You agree to assign all rights or interest you may have in any pictures taken by us in order to facilitate such copyright.


Dietary Considerations

Please advise us in writing of any special dietary requirements at least 14 days before departure. While we will make all attempts to facilitate your dietary requests, we cannot guarantee the availability or certify that the meals will comply with your dietary requirements.



Government regulations forbid smoking in tourist vehicles and accommodations as well as at some tour locations; however, frequent stops will be made for those wishing to smoke.


Seat allocation

To ensure the enjoyment of all passengers, and to enable you to get to know your fellow travelers, we operate a daily seat rotation system in which all passengers must participate.


Optional activities

Where offered on a tour, optional activities are not included in the trip price do not form part of the trip or this contract. The contract for the provision of that activity will be between you and third party activity provider.


Third party travel providers

The flights, coach journeys, and other travel and hotel accommodation comprised in your holiday are provided by reputable carriers and hoteliers on their own conditions. It is important to note therefore that all bookings are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations imposed by the individual airlines, coach operators, hoteliers and other service providers (including but not limited to shipping, rail, car hire, and restaurant service providers) who provide services in relation to your tour.

Check In / Check Out Times for accommodation will vary according to operator. Generally your accommodation check in is 2pm and check out 10am. Please note that most properties may require a credit card authorisation on check-in and may need to see photo identification. Any such credit card authorisation is not part of your tour price, and is your responsibility.


Acceptance of Risk

Please be aware that during your participation in holidays operated by us, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control, including but not limited to: the hazards of travelling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft, or other means of transportation; forces of nature; political unrest; acts of lawlessness or terrorism; and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. We will not be liable for the provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered. While we will use our best efforts to ensure that adequate measures are taken, by agreeing to participate in a holiday and/ or optional excursions you agree that you will hold us harmless regarding any provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care rendered.

We may decide at our absolute discretion not to include you in a tour or in any activity if we consider that you are unable to safely participate in that tour or activity as a result of a medical condition or otherwise, or if we consider that your participation may place the safety of other clients at risk.

The international carriage of passengers is covered by international conventions and treaties. These international conventions and treaties limit and, in some events, exclude the carrier’s liability to travelers. Where any claim or part of a claim (including those involving death or personal injury) concerns or involves any travel arrangements (including the process of getting on or off the transport concerned) provided by any air, sea, inland waterways, rail, or road carrier or any stay in a hotel, our maximum liability is the maximum which would be payable by the carrier or the hotel keeper concerned under the applicable international convention or treaty applicable to the travel arrangements or hotel stay.


Passports & Visas

You are responsible for obtaining and paying for all visas and entry documents as well as obtaining any required passport documentation, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the laws, regulations, orders, and/or requirements of the countries you will visit. We are not responsible for providing specific visa and passport information or documentation, and we cannot accept liability for any traveler refused entry on this basis.


Emergency Contact Details

All passengers must provide emergency contact details and travel insurance information PRIOR TO TRAVEL so that we can get in touch with friends or family in case of an emergency.


Privacy Laws

We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information. Please ask to view our Privacy Policy. You hereby consent to and we reserve the right to obtain information from an insurance company about any claim made on an insurance policy issued in your name for which we have paid the premium.


Material provided

The information presented in this brochure was to the best of our knowledge correct at the time of publishing. However, changes beyond our control may have occurred since this time. Every effort is made to ensure brochure accuracy at the time of going to print, and we cannot be held responsible for printing or typographical errors, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.

All maps, photographs, illustrations and computer-based graphics are included for general purposes only and are not always indicative of the subject matter


Service Enquiry

If a problem occurs during your tour, please advise your tour guide as soon as possible, so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter. If for any reason you remain dissatisfied, any complaint must be made in writing to us within thirty (30) days of the last day of the tour.

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