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Our Story

Day Tours:

Callie has lived on the Sunshine Coast for many years and wants to share local knowledge with holiday makers who visit the Noosa region, her passion combined with her cheerful disposition creates the perfect day out. Join Ausway Tours for a day of exploring the highlights of the Hinterland or other coastal regions on the Sunny Coast.

Singles / Solo Tours:

After having a life long passion for Australian landscapes and culture, Callie, the founder of Ausway Tours started to explore her options to travel Australia.  However, planning her next holiday became difficult as the idea of ticking off her bucket list alone became increasingly daunting. Being on a tour sounded like a suitable option but feeling a level of separation from other travellers who were in pairs or groups still seemed a little challenging. After speaking to many others in the same situation, Callie found there was an opening for solo people to travel together with the potential to make new friends and support one another during the experience.

This is where the inspiration began for Callie to create her dream holiday tours for people in the same age demographic (aged 45+) to share unique travel experiences while feeling supported in a group of friendly people all looking for the chance to travel solo, together! Being a creative and cheerful person, Callie’s priority was to make sure that each tour had it’s own personality and theme. The idea was for people to find a holiday that is perfectly suited to themselves, while meeting others with shared interests and gaining new experiences or a new skill sets along the way.

ausway tours
ausway tours

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